August Super Moon

If you do one thing this weekend, remember to look out for the ‘super-moon’ on Sunday night. Although we have several super-moons a year this one is special.

On Sunday evening (10th August) from around 8pm if you look out to the South Eastern Horizon you should see a beautiful full moon rise into the night sky 14% closer and 30% bigger than she usually appears. The full moon is set to be the biggest and brightest of the year as it coincides with the moons perigee (the point in its orbit in which it is  closest to the earth) and also occurs just as the annual Perseids Meteor shower begins –  all in all  she is set to create a magical display.

The full moon is an incredibly powerful time and tomorrow night’s super moon will make it especially so. If you do nothing else tomorrow simply take the time to get outside, take your shoes off, connect with the earth or just lie on the grass and lets those silver rays wash over you.  For me there is nothing more powerful and comforting than to lie under a full moon and know she is the same moon that has been seen by every single person that has come before. The Moon never makes me feel solitary or insignificant, she makes me feel connected.


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