Teapigs Matcha

I am an obsessive Tea drinker, and love trying new Teas, especially Herbal Teas. I have been reluctant to try Matcha up until now as I am not a fan of Green Teas and was expecting a ‘super’ Green Tea flavour, also Matcha is rather pricey and  I didn’t want to take the risk of spending £25 for something I would guiltily sneak to the back of the cupboard. However, the health benefits of Matcha are proven and numerous so this month when I was placing my Tea Pigs order for Camomile Flowers and Jasmine Tea I ordered a couple of Matcha ‘Try me’ samples for a couple of pounds. Before I tell you what I thought here are some details about Matcha that you may or may not already know;

What is it?

Matcha is a Japanese Tea that has been consumed ceremoniously for over 900 years. Matcha is also consumed by Buddhist Monks to help keep them alert. Matcha is made up of 100% natural, organic green tea leaves which have been carefully ground down to form a fine powder.

How is it grown?

The tea leaves are grown under cover for the last two weeks of cultivation to produce lots of chlorophyll (the bright green good stuff). They are then dried and slowly ground between two granite rocks to a very fine powder. This is then packed immediately in a vacuum sealed tin, to lock in all the nutrients

What is so good about it?

  • It is a very concentrated Green Tea and 1 glass is the equivalent to 10 glasses of regular Green Tea.
  • It is full of Vitamins and Minerals – specifically Vitamin C, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc and Magnesium – this is a direct result of the increased Chlorophyll that gives Matcha its bright green colour.
  • You drink the whole leaf rather than the product of the leaf like regular tea – this is again what makes sense of all the very lofty health claims.
  • It does contain Caffeine, but this is less than Coffee or Tea.
  • It is extremely high in EPCG (Flavanoids) that protect from Free Radicals and have been shown to have some Cancer fighting abilities.
  • Also high in L Theamine an Amino Acid that promotes ‘Alpha Waves’ – the ones that tell your brain you feel good!

Does it do what it says on the Tin and does it taste like boiled sprouts?

Again, I must confess that I was sceptical about Matcha, I had read the testimonials of increased alertness and calm, and had read the pages of health benefits and a part of me thought ‘I am sure this is all true but like all really good things it will probably taste like bitter, stewed cabbage, therefore for me rendering it completely undrinkable’ I am happy to say I was wrong!

I gave it a go at four different points over four days to test if I really could feel any benefits and I definitely did. Firstly I had a cup first thing in the morning, and within half hour of drinking it I felt great. I was due to go out on the Saturday night and felt a bit tired so had a cup whilst I was getting ready and it instantly perked me up, and then the next day I had a cup in the afternoon to get me through the 3pm slump and again it definitely made me feel better. However, the best revelation? It didn’t taste like stinging nettles! I made it like you would make a cup of Tea (Matcha purists may be gasping in disgust now) so I added half a teaspoon (you genuinely only need a tiny bit making the price slightly more bearable) to just boiled water (let it sit for a minute or so before you add the Matcha Powder), mixed furiously with my little milk frother, and then added milk. At first taste my initial thought was that it tasted mildly like Brocolli, but this was not at all unpleasant, and honestly I really enjoyed drinking it and I without doubt plan to make this part of my daily routine. Really glad I ordered those little ‘taster’ samples. You can get yours from here;
Teapigs Matcha Site




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