Organic Wine Review

I have decided to start reviewing organic wine for my blog. Someone told me that one day if you’re really really good, nice people might send you things to try, and I thought about this, and decided that the thing I’d most like nice people to send me (if that ever happened) is Wine! Why not – I drink it anyway! But until these halcyon free wine tasting days arrive, all these wines are purchased by my hard earned pennies and are therefore completely my own opinion. I have also included the opinions of a more connoisseur wine drinker (my Mom) and and a beginner wine drinker (my Husband) along with my own (non-connoisseur social wine drinker) to get a good balance.

This weeks Organic Wine is not only Organic it is also ‘Bio-dynamic’! and is a 2011 Minervois called ‘Les Vielles Vignes de Maris’

What is the difference between Organic Wine and Regular Wine?

In a nutshell, organic wine is made from grapes grown in accordance with organic farming – so no artificial or chemical, fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. These chemicals can not only make it into your wine but they can also have a significant impact on the soil.

What is Bio-dynamic?

Grown to the principles of ‘Bio-dynamic’ agriculture and basically involves seven different preparations happening to the soil, including things like manure, stinging nettles, oak bark, valerian flower juice, etc its really very interesting. Link for more info at the end of the page. Anyway, it is reported to result in a stronger, clearer and vibrant taste and protects the soil.

What does a typical Minervois taste like?

Full bodied, can be tannic, blackcurrant and violet favours.

What did the connoisseur think?

Nice colour, strong tannic smell, flavour did not live up to the promise of the smell, disappeared quickly on the pallet, would be good with food, but overall not a fan of Minervois in general.

What did the novice wine drinker think?

Again, nice colour, strong smell, tannic at first but disappeared into a mellow flavour – he thought it would be nice with Cheese (he thinks this about most things however)

What did I think?

Lovely deep burgundy colour, very silky, smelt like liquorice and blackberries, but was tannic and a bit musty – but I think those old Syrah vines are supposed to taste like that. It does disappear quickly and for me the overriding taste was liquorice and nearly ripe blackberries. This is a good food wine.

Is this wine a Super Hero?

For me this wine is not a super hero but would be decent member of a super hero ensemble. I recommend it as a dinner wine, with some meat or cheese, or even as a conversation point to divide opinion like it did with us. Maybe this wine is actually Jar Jar Binks?

Available to try from Waitrose, Ocado and My Supermarket Wines.
Link to more info on bio-dynamic farming;



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